Fire & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Fire Alarms

When it comes to fire, the sooner you’re aware of the danger, the better your chances of survival. A correctly installed and well planned Fire Alarm system is your best chance of early notification. This can be as simple as some well placed Fire Alarms in your home, or it could involve a complex serious alarms and control panels in a commercial building.

At Primary Protection we can work with you to plan an alarm system suitable to your needs, while at the same time meeting all of the prescribed legislative and safety requirements.

We can also install, test and maintain your system to ensure that it is ready to go in the unfortunate event that it’s needed.

Carbon (CO) Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colourless, odourless, and tasteless gas that is slightly less dense than air. This makes it impossible to detect without a special Carbon Monoxide Detector which are highly sensitive and therefore should be critical components in your home or business safety plan.

Your house or place of business doesn’t need to be on fire for there to be an issue with Carbon Monoxide. A build up of CO can be caused by poorly ventilated rooms when you are using the fireplace, or by a faulty boiler among other things.

When buying a CO detector it is important to make sure that it is fully compliant with Irish and European safety legislation. We supply and fit CO detectors that meet these requirements.

CO alarms use an electrochemical cell type sensor which checks CO concentration generally every 45 seconds to a minute. All units calibrated and tested by the manufacturer in order to ensure accuracy.

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